Blanchardville, WI

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Our Shop Today

Our shop today

Our current work falls into five major categories:

  1. Custom Ornamental Metalwork
    Gates, railings, furniture, lighting fixtures, fireplace accessories, weathervanes, architectural elements.
  2. Subcontract Forgework
    We produce forgings in quantities of 1 to 1000 and up to 25 lbs in weight. We are known for a quick turn around time and a quality product. Examples of this work are spindles, scrolls, leaves, rings, and textured bars. Our machining capabilities allow us to make custom tooling in house.
  3. Antique Repair
    We have fixed roof ornaments, trunks, automobile parts, locks, weathervanes and door hardware. We can reproduce missing elements and match textures and patinas.
  4. Machine Repair
    We specialize in rebuilding forging hammers of all makes.
  5. Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
    Seals replaced, rods straightened, new cylinders made for old machines. All types, inch or metric.

The Employees of Postville Blacksmith Shop

Robert BergmanRobert Bergman - Owner. Established the business in 1969. Trained with many notable American smiths and traveled in Europe as a journeyman. He is involved in all aspects of the business, office and shop. Responsibilities are sales, designing, estimating, prototype work, employee training, and forgework. Bob does most of the samples and tooling that are required for custom work.

Terry SuthersTerry Suthers - Owner. Experience- parts manager and mechanic for farm implement dealer for 19 years. He has been at the Postville Blacksmith Shop since 1995. Terry is the shop foreman involved in designing and detailing of all projects. He is also responsible for most of the machine repairs.

Dieter WeigangDieter Weigang - Worked in Romania and Germany as a welder/fabricator. Moved to Chicago and worked in auto body repair and ornamental iron shop. He has been at the Postville Blacksmith Shop since 1999. Expert and very accurate fabricator who is lead craftsmen on architectural jobs. Expert finisher who does most of the painting. He learned blacksmith work very fast and is now an experienced forger.